• #1 Recognized
    Nicheless 12V Pool
    Light Replacement
  • Grotto Lighting
  • Fountain
    The ProBrite Stainless Steel LED Underwater Light is designed and engineered for pools and spas.
  • Water
    Perfect Pool is the only system that assures the ozone is 100% effective.

Need a replacement Nicheless 12V light for your pool?

Use the Universal Light and the Retro Kit to repair, replace
or upgrade your pool lighting no matter what control system you have
……take a further look the Universal Light
and see what the swimming pool industry is raving about…

#1 Recognized Nicheless 12V Pool Light Replacement TM

Why We're Unique

ProAgua Products LLC is a company that focuses our attention on two life sustaining elements, light and water. Water for its infinite shapes, beauty and life sustaining properties and light to make visible to us what may have been hidden before.

Together, the combinations are limitless in a creative and innovation company whose goal it is to enhance the quality of the water we drink, bath and swim in, and to light water and water features in unique and creative ways that enhance our experience and our environments.

ProAgua’s Perfect Pool and Perfect Water actually use light to temporarily change Oxygen (O2) to Ozone (O3) where it works to efficiently purify, clean and clarify water for drinking, bathing and swimming.

Proagua also offers SuperVision Fiber Optic Lighting and its ProBrite LED lights for residential and commercial pools, fountains as well as architectural lighting applications. ProAgua Falls “AGUABRITE” are a unique combination of sheer waterfalls illuminated SuperVision Fiber Optics and LEDs that display the magical dance of water and light.

Wonderful and amazing things happen water and light come together, and ProAqua’s mission is to bring that magic to you.

Contact us today about bringing Light and Water to your project or to ask us any questions you have about ProAgua lighting or clean water products.

Our Misson

ProAgua Products

To become the number one alternative for water related innovative products for the pool professional, by creating top light fixtures to enhance any water project and providing reliable water purification systems for the best water quality possible.

Our Misson

Why ProAgua products?

Wonderful and amazing things happen when water and light come together and ProAqua brings that magic to your projects. That is why lighting is so important, if one thing makes your work shine bright is our professional light fixures. Use this to your advantage, light up with magic, make your ideas shine with the brightness of PROAGUA products magic.

Our Misson

What's makes ProAgua Products different?

Code of Quality is our difference. All of our products are engineered to strive, to surpass the average products the industry is so accustomed to produce. We are a group of professionals focused on delivering reliable performance products in all we do, with the experience of years in manufacturing the best products those that later were imitated by all competitors, setting the standard to follow, we at ProAgua Products live by our main values of Quality and Trust, you can see the difference when you install our products, you know you can rely on making a difference with PROAGUA Products.