* All Ozone Systems Require A Sanitizer Like Chlorine. Perfect Pool Chlorine Cartridges (PP-CCK) are fill adjustable and provide approximately one months supply of sanitizer. Easy to install, it ‘clicks’ into place on the PP-2 and PP-3 In-Deck Modules. (See downloadable specifications below)


Perfect Pool

Filtration and Ozone Generator

Perfect Pool is the only system that assures the ozone is 100% effective.

Perfect Pool utilizes the 3 basic principles of Friction + Head Pressure + Siphoning to ozonate and filter your pool 24/7 for an average cost of only eight dollars per month for an 15,000 gallon pool.

1) The Ozone Generator pumps O3 into the In-Deck Module where the pool water is filtered and ozonated killing 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses.

2) The Ozone Diffuser disperses O3 bubbles and through fricton lifts the water level in the module and creates Head Pressure. This starts downward flow through the filter, returning pure, clean water and oxygen into the pool.

3) Gravity and pool head pressure produces a siphon for an effective and energy efficient circulation through the In-Deck Module. That means NO POOL PUMP! Works completely independent of the pool pump system.
Perfect Pool is the best choice for Pure, Clear Comfort.

  • Generates 100% effective ozone for pools.
  • Won't degrade ozone, regardless of water flow or speed.
  • PP2 & PP3 in-deck modules work independently.
  • Chlorine Cartridge Kit Available (PP-CCK).